Edition of 1

Precision steel pin gage set (0.251"- 0.500"),

powdercoated steel, rare earth magnets

55" (1397mm) x 17" (432mm) x 2 1/2" (64mm)

Gage pins are tools used by a machinist to maintain very accurate tolerances while manufacturing parts in metal. These pins exhibit a degree of accuracy that is not perceivable by eye. Both the work that a machinist does and the tools that they use to achieve it must possess extremely high tolerances – in other words – perfection is essential to the work.

For Perfect, a set of machinist gage pins which start at .251" and increase in size by .001" in 250 increments are magnetically affixed to a black powder coated steel backing. The pins are arranged in decreasing size to spell the word Perfect.


Photo: Jessica Nakanishi