Design/fabrication: May of 2001, 2001, 2003,

and 2004

Program: mixed material and media environment

Client: Toronto Images Festival

Project by the gasp collective

This commissioned by the Toronto Images Festival of Independent Film and Video was to enhance the atrium entrance to one of the main film screening locations at Innis College. The concern was that the space looked too institutional, and our challenge was to add to the theatrical experience while maintaining and enforcing the identity of the Images Festival.

In 2002, GASP filled the tall space with forty-five 3m long lanterns. A string of Christmas lights hung in each one. A microphone connected to a purpose built computer registered the noise levels in the space and would adjust the flickering intensity of the lights with the volume intensity of the crowd. The overall effect of was like an overhead electrical storm when full of activity and became more gentle as the crowds evacuated the space to the theatre.

In 2003, we used paper, a familiar 2-D object, in a massive quantity (1500 sheets) to create a suspended solid. Lights suspended within the mass resulted in a unified glowing white block. Only when directly under the solid could you see through its gaps to the glazed ceiling above.

Images Festival Installations

Photos: Bryce Macfarlane