Exhibition Design & Coordination: 2011

Graphic Design: Noam Design Inc.

Sponsors: Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects, Mill Street Brewery, TAG Vodka

Tools is a conceptual study of the function, meaning and relevance of tools in contemporary society. The tools displayed here accomplish new and unexpected tasks, reveal fundamental characteristics inherent to certain tools, highlight larger societal issues and challenge the expectations of utility. Defining the scope of Tools was a source of discussion and debate amongst this group, leading to this collection of objects - unique responses to a theme that looks at tools ability to impart mechanical and circumstantial changes in a given situation. The tools engage the viewer into the workings of other professions, the skills required to use certain tools, and the often highly specific nature of the tools. There are also open questions posed about the symbolic value of tools as they are repositioned in new contexts. Tools is at the intersection of design and fabrication, exploring the territory of ideas being made and the powerful role of tools in shaping the creative process.


Brent Cordner, Chromoly, Coryn Kempster, Crawford Noble, Derek McLeod, Dieter Janssen, Emil Teleki, Joy Charbonneau, Julia Jamrozik and Rob Southcott.