laser-cut cotton paper, archival glue, gouache, maple frame

dimensions: h 18” x w 18” x d 2 ½”

series of 8

0° | 45°W | 90°W | 135°W | 180° | 135°E | 90°E | 45°E

The North Pole is an imaginary point at the earth's northern axis where lines of longitude converge; it is a place that no country owns, but as the polar ice caps melt and recede, country’s are increasingly making claims to it. This series illuminates the ocean floor terrain that lies beneath the ice.

These relief’s begin North of the coast of Kaffeklubben Island, Greenland (83°40'N); the northernmost point in the world. Using geological data, the bathymetry of the Artic Ocean was laser cut in layers of cotton paper and painted with gouache.

The first relief in the series is centered on the International Prime Meridian; each subsequent relief is rotated 45 degrees clockwise. The result is a series of North Poles, shown from eight global perspectives.

North Pole