Exhibition Design & Coordination: 2009-2010

Graphic Design: Noam Lamdan

Sponsors: architectsAlliance, KPMB Architects,

Mill Street Brewery, and the Toronto International Design Festival.

This exhibition featured the work of the following 9 designers local to Toronto:

Joy Charbonneau


Dieter Janssen


Mat Cult

Derek McLeod

Crawford Noble

Rob Southcott

Ed Zec

The designs exhibited in Heavy Metal Explored specific formal properties of metal in design. They were characterized by mass, heft, density, solidity, substance, darkness, power, permanence, and authenticity. They took a low-tech approach to design and made things that may seem inefficient, but are extremely effective. This material exploration aimed to generate new products with inherent honesty, quality, and longevity.

The result was nine new cast objects that included conceptual explorations, domestic products, and furniture.

Heavy Metal: New Cast Objects