Exhibition Design & Coordination: 2012

Graphic Design: Noam Design Inc.

Sponsors: Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects, Mill Street Brewery, TAG Vodka

Do Associates help each other, becoming more together than alone? Do they need each other in order to function or to have meaning? This exhibition had designers examine the nature of object relationships by creating two or more pieces. Beyond the objects, these projects address wider relationships, ranging from people’s sexual preferences, to attitudes about medication and religion, to assumptions about utility. In our daily lives, we choose who to associate with and what things to surround ourselves with. This collection of objects allows us to reconsider these decisions.

New Design Collections by:


Derek McLeod

Dieter Janssen

Dylan McKinnon

Emil Teleki

Jessica Nakanishi

Jimenez Lai

Joy Charbonneau

Noam Lamdan

The Practice of Everyday Design

Rob Southcott

Zoë Mowat